Our Story

THERAPY® was born out of an overwhelming desire to share the benefits of organic pant based juices and products with as many people as possible.

We experienced the life changing benefits of this lifestyle and aim to make it as accessible, delicious and convenient as we can. This personal journey to heal and thrive became a reality on a balanced nutrient rich diet of organic juices, vegan plant based foods and lots of self LOVE. 

THERAPY® is now proudly delivering islandwide and has three retail outlets in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I.

What Makes Us Different

At THERAPY® we take the time to source the 100% organic produce from small farmers across Jamaica who prides themselves in farming practices that supports our local ecology and the natural richness of the soil as well farming our sea vegetables that also adds to sequestering CO2 and allows for the balanced ecosystem of the sea. 

We take the time to select each fruit, vegetable, root and herb to ensure maximum freshness, flavour and natural sweetness as we NEVER add any sugar or any water to any of our products so we take pride in ensuring that only the best produce is used, to ensure the right balance is maintained in our products.

We also have a policy of composting all our peels, pulp and the produce that didn't make the cut to ensure that our food cycle is complete with the earth being enriched and ready for us to mulch the vegetable and fruits that we do grown ourselves.

We believe that a vegan plant based lifestyle is of maximum benefit to our bodies and our planet, and it our greatest blessing to be able to assist you on your journey to being your healthiest self!


Where We Are Going

We look forward to being your wellness partners for the many years to come! We will continue to innovate as we expand our carefully designed and prepared offerings, to make healthy honest eating delicious sustainable and fun, with the continued promise of always organic, no sugar added ever and always made with love.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we'd love to hear from you so please do share, as you are why THERAPY® exists, so email us at naturemytherapy@gmail.com 


We started here, your can too.

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