Nature My Therapy



Elevate your wellness game with ZING, our potent cold-pressed organic shot that's more than just a sip—it's a revitalizing explosion of flavor and health benefits. Packed with the dynamic combo of Pineapple, Turmeric, Lime, Ginger, and a hint of Black Pepper, 'ZING' is your ultimate anti-inflammatory powerhouse. It's a concentrated elixir working double time to infuse your body with the nutrients it craves. Step up your game and experience the vibrant vitality 'ZING' brings to your daily routine. It's not just a shot; it's your passport to a thriving, healthier you!

Ingredients: Pineapple + Turmeric + Lime + Ginger + Black pepper

Nutrition Facts

1 Servings per bottle. Serving size (2 fl)

Calories 40

Calories from fat 0

Trans fat 0g

Sodium 3mg

Carbs 2g

Dietary fiber 2g

Sugar 2g

Protein 1g