Sweet Orange Chlorophyll Lemonade

Sweet Orange Chlorophyll Lemonade

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Enjoy the cell replenishing benefits of our energizing Low-Glycemic Sweet Orange Chlorophyll Lemonade. Orange peel extract contains flavanoids which assists with improved respiratory health, it's anti-allergenic, assists with eye health and promotes propper digestion.



✔ Removes heavy metals from the body.

✔ Aids Digestion and supports the immune system.

✔ Improves digestion and the detoxification of the liver, bowels, blood and respiratory system.

✔ Binds to toxins and procarcinogens to transport them safely out of the body.

✔ Promotes the production of liver enzymes to improve detoxification.

✔ Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that assist with improved skin health and anti-againg.

✔ Reduces bad breath and body odor.

✔ Decreases hunger and promotes safe weight loss.

✔ Known hangover remedy.


SERVING SIZE - 12 fl oz (355ml)


Calories — 10

Protein — 0g

Sugar — 1g



Triple-filtered water, liquid chlorophyll, organic limes, organic orange extract, zinc, monk fruit.



Keep refrigerated then shake well and enjoy.


All of our products are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and cruelty-free.